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How to attract thousands of visitors to your business website or blog?

| Free Classified Ads Articles | October 18, 2014


Another way to attract thousands of visitors or customers to your business website is to use videos. You can simply just embed videos from Youtube or any video sites of your choice to your own business website(s).


Music videos Kpop if you intend to attract customers who like Kpop related products or services

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Website development, branding, marketing, graphics, logo designs & more

| Featured | September 27, 2013

Welcome, we are glad that you take time to look at our product and services here. Our team of experts have over 25+ years combined experience in business development, branding, strategy, marketing, creative services and web development.
Our unique collaborative approach allows for visionaries to come together and provide you with a total creative solution. Let’s get started today by reviewing some of our capabilities:

  • Brand Development Services
  • Creative Graphic Design Website Development & Training
  • T-Shirts & Apparel
  • Full Color Printing
  • Typing, Copywriting & Editing
  • Social Media Strategy & Coaching (by PKC)
  • Strategy & Business Development (by NCI)

Please contact us today with questions, ideas or to get your next cre8ive project
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Post free classified ads which influence your buyer with beneficial outcomes

| Free Classified Ads Articles | September 27, 2013

Following are some quick/micro blogging regarding customer benefits. Remember to tag an emotional link to your product which will impact and affect your customers to buy/purchase from you.

  • Time saving – What customer can do with additional time which your product help them to save
  • Save money – Help your customer imagine the benefits from the tonnes of money your product or services help them to save
  • Value – Write out the benefits of your product and/or services value which in turn will help your customer achieve their dream
  • Increase profits – Show your customers the amount of money or profit which they will make after purchasing your products and show/tell your customers what they always wanted to do with huge amount of money
  • Drive revenue – How much revenue will your product help them, show it to them and what they can do with all the revenue earned, make your customer feel the emotion of having unlimited amount of revenue flowing into their business
  • Have fun – Help your customer feel having fun
  • Feel relaxed, energized and happy – Help them see how your product will help them feel totally relaxed
  • Safe – And again show them in picture format, video, written format of how safe it will be after the purchase of your product

But make sure that your product or services is/are able to achieve what you are putting it in writing, video or audio, as you must maintain honesty and not using tricks on your customers to purchase your
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What is the most important thing to make customer buy from my free classified ad?

| Free Classified Ads Articles | September 26, 2013

Emotion, yes. Neuromarketing research throughout the world show that human are wired to buy with emotion and will self justify the price of the product which he/she is emotionally attached to. Most people will buy a product from their heart and justify with their heads. Find how to emotionally provokes your prospective customers with your product and create that emotional bond which will trigger your customer to purchase your product(s).

Do not rush to write about your product features,
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The important core message which you need to write in your free classified ad

| Free Classified Ads Articles | September 26, 2013

What is your product’s core “value” which you can offer to your customers?

You can use the following questions to help you answer
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Write your free classified ads which sale

| Free Classified Ads Articles | September 26, 2013

“In the end, the customer doesn’t know, or care, if you are small or large as an organisation. She or he only focuses on the garment hanging on the rail in the store.” – Giorgio
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Standard steps when writing your classified ads

| Free Classified Ads Articles | September 26, 2013

Following are the three important standard steps when writing your free classified ads

  • Plan
  • Doing
  • Check

The above simple process, believe it or not will save you 80 to 90 percent of your time writing your classified ad. It will also make you look professional and an expert. Therefore, you will sell
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How to write a persuasive free classified ad which sell

| Free Classified Ads Articles | September 26, 2013

Following are quick pointers which you can plan through when writing your free classified ad

  • Always focus on your reader/prospective customer
  • Remove all information which your reader is not interested to read
  • The truth and nothing but the truth
  • Specific to the point
  • Clearly written
  • Create the excitement to buy

Make sure that your free classified ad is not just an ad, its an ad which is created/written to sale your product and
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Writing and posting free classified ads that matter to the reader

| Free Classified Ads Articles | September 26, 2013

Will your prospect want to know about what you want? Does it matter to your customers if you are happy creating your products? You need to write in your prospective customers’ views. Once you are doing that it will be easier to write your free classified ads. Does you customers want cheaper products? Better quality goods?

Following are questions which will help you structure your classified
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What to plan when writing free classified ads

| Free Classified Ads Articles | September 26, 2013

Preparation is everything, if you have a good free classified ads website which can provide to you review templates, that will be the best as you can use the review structure to enter the information/details to post your free ads. If not, you can ask yourself the following questions

  • Why?
  • What?
  • Accomplish?
  • Next Step?
  • Delighter?

Why you are writing the details as suggested above need to address your readers’ requirements. When your classified ads information are framed in terms of your users, they will continue to read it. The
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How posting free classified ads will help you increase your sales and visitors

| Free Classified Ads Articles | September 18, 2013


Free classified ads is best used by small to medium business like home business, start up business, on shoe string budget businesses. Most classified ads provide free basic listing where your can quickly get your website some good page ranking without any costs involved. The search engines will be able to find your free classified ad listed and show it to your prospective customers.

You will also need to have a strong header which should provide a strong and yet simple description of your product
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Proper organization and marketing in your free classified ads post will attract more customer sales

| Free Classified Ads Articles | September 18, 2013


Even if you have concentrated in your core strengths, in order to get more sales from your free classified ads space. You will need to show proper product display, packages, presentations, good website layouts, attractive product designs, etc. A well organized and well packaged product or services will increase in its perceived value, and if you are able to also show your well organized store picture in the classified ads, your reputation will definitely be boosted and help project a high
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One important rule when posting classified ads

| Free Classified Ads Articles | September 18, 2013


Concentrate on your niche and core strengths, this is similar for any business, big or small. Small companies can take on bigger corporations if such small companies practice the niche strategy where by they concentrate all their expertise into a particular niche market instead of diversifying into many different areas of
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Know your customers and market when writing your free classified ads

| Free Classified Ads Articles | September 18, 2013

One Customer in Prospect Pyramid - Get the Sale

One very important point to note here is that, provide varies options for your customers in your classified ads. Remember the most common 80-20 rule, which states that 20% of your customers will be contributing 80% of your total sales. Therefore, you would want to provide the best option for this 20% of your paying customers and put more efforts and care for them.

One Customer in Prospect Pyramid - Get the Sale

Start understanding your top customers’ buying habits, and from there categories your customers into important and less
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When posting free classified ads focus on your core business and core competencies

| Free Classified Ads Articles | September 18, 2013


When posting your free classified ads, remember to always focus on your core business and core competencies, this will allow yourself to show your expertise area, products and knowledge (Industry expert, leader). Why this is important is very simple, your customers will tend to read your article or free classified briefly, and sometimes for a few seconds. And they will start searching for other ads if they do not feel that you add value to them. Therefore, quickly show your strengths in your
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